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Our Mission

“That they may be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord that His name may be praised.”   Isaiah 61:3

Our mission is to collaborate with local churches and ministries to create opportunities that cultivate meaningful relationships in the lives of college students to connect them to Christ and His Church, to be equipped to grow, and to be sent out to make a difference.

Our Story

 “The Oaks” because we desire to see students grow as oaks of righteousness for God’s glory (Isaiah 61:3), vibrantly rooted in and bearing fruit for Christ (Jer 17:7-8). And “Collaborative” because all our ministries happen through collaboration with churches and campus ministries to cultivate relationships with others and Christ. Through retreats, The Oaks Collaborative sets the table for incoming freshmen to transition to college life well and live for Christ throughout college. Our desire is to help change the statistic that tells us that 66% of high school graduates who profess Christ will fall away from their faith while in college (Lifeway, 2017). 

Our Team


Trace Hamiter

Executive Director


Kimberly Myers

Retreat Coordinator


Mason McCullough

Retreat Specialist

The Living Stones Retreat

Troy University


MC Simons

Retreat Specialist

The Grove Retreat

Ole Miss


Brandon Mallette

Retreat Specialist

The Forge Retreat

Birmingham Area Colleges


Cassie Shope 

Retreat Specialist

The Torch Retreat

University of Tennessee - Knoxville


Alli Williams

Retreat Specialist

The Tower Retreat

Louisiana State University


Whitney Dunn

Associate Director &


The Oaks Retreat | Auburn University


Kyra Courson

Retreat Specialist

The Exchange Retreat


Nathan Verghese

Retreat Specialist

The Chimes Retreat

University of Alabama


Abby Smith

Retreat Specialist

The Arch Retreat

University of Georgia


Jay Finlayson

Retreat Specialist

The Heritage Retreat

Florida State University


Olivia Riddle 

Retreat Specialist

The Mountain Retreat

Jacksonville State University


Sarah Kiel

Director of Development & Finance


Abra Camp

Marketing & Communications 



Sarah Calder

Retreat Specialist

The Chimes Retreat

University of Alabama


Matt Freeman

Retreat Specialist

The Junction Retreat

Mississippi State


Blair Waltman

Retreat Specialist

The River Retreat

University of North Alabama


Claire Thompson

Retreat Specialist

The Pastures Retreat

University of Kentucky

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The Oaks Collaborative and any program of The Oaks Collaborative is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, or in any way officially connected with any institution of higher education, including universities or colleges, or with any other company or non-profit organization. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that The Oaks Collaborative has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

The Oaks Collaborative | PO Box 285, Auburn, AL 36831

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