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Help Start a Retreat for incoming Freshmen on your campus!

Want to help incoming freshmen start college rooted in Christ, strengthened through Christ-centered community, and ready to bear fruit for Jesus' name on your campus!?

Do you desire to help freshmen find their people, find their place, and find their purpose before they even step foot on campus?

If you have such a burden for blessing incoming freshmen then you'll want to help us start this retreat!

Here's the basics - a 3 day, 2 night retreat a few weeks before classes start. Main sessions led by local ministers, worship led by current students from different churches and ministries, small groups led by current students, and lots of time to have fun and build community.

How it goes - This retreat will first and foremost clearly articulate the Gospel to freshmen so that it is the firm foundation of all the ministry we do. We pray that this retreat will be instrumental in helping these freshmen be firmly rooted in the Word of God and unwavering in their biblical convictions.

We do this by partnering with Christ-centered, Bible-teaching churches and campus ministries in order to give freshmen their first taste of all that’s out there, so that when they move in for the fall semester, they can quickly “plug in” to a church and get involved in ministries. They will have the opportunity to learn about and connect with different churches and ministries, giving them a find where they belong quickly. These churches and ministries collaborating together through this retreat is also a beautiful picture of the unity of the body of Christ on your campus and that has a powerful impact on all involved.

Finally, we want them to leave ready to live for Christ in college and have the mindset of seeing their campus as their mission field, and be ready to live for His Name rather than their own during their time in college. Then our prayer is that they would live out this mission with the community they connected with through the retreat.


We are looking for students who are bought into this vision and want to be on the ground floor of starting this for their school through a position on leadership, as a counselor, or on CREW or praise team.


Keep reading to learn more about these roles.

Leadership Roles

The leadership team for the retreat leads in cultivating a staff of counselors and CREW members as well as finalizing the logistics and details that make the retreat come together. The different roles on the team work on various aspects of the retreat to set the table well to welcome incoming freshmen into a unified body of Christ on campus and in your city. This team works with the vision of helping freshmen start off college by being firmly rooted in Christ, connected to Christ-centered community, being able to learn from others who have gone before them and lived for Christ in college, and sending them to their campus as missionaries and not just consumers.

  • Directors | Leading all other positions in fulfilling their roles and preparing for the retreat

  • Head of Prayer | Leading out in making sure this incoming freshman class is the most prayed over freshman class your campus has ever had

  • Counselor Trainers | Oversee counselor selection and counselor preparation for the retreat

  • Head of Logistics | In charge of ministry relations, retreat expansion and behind the scenes operations

  • Head of Main Sessions | Overseeing set up of room and worship preparations for all main sessions

  • Head of Hospitality | Honoring the freshmen by setting up spaces for them to feel comfortable and to be able to connect with others easily

  • Head of Public Relations | Overseeing all publicity and communication in spreading word about this retreat to current students and incoming freshmen

  • Treasurer and Head of Fundraising | Overseeing all fundraising for the retreat (Fundraisers, Counselor Support Raising, Benefit Night, etc.) & budget

  • Head of Registration | Overseeing the registration of all freshmen and staff

  • Head of Operations | Overseeing CREW (behind the scenes team) and all necessary set up at the retreat and fundraisers

Counselor Role

At the retreat freshmen will get to hear from local ministers and learn about churches and ministries in the area, and they will be in small “family groups” led by upperclassmen who are walking with Christ and faithfully involved in churches and local ministries at their campus. As a counselor you will have the opportunity to co-lead one of these small groups at the retreat and continue following up with your group throughout the following school year. The goal is to engage with freshmen where they are at while helping them understand their identity in Christ through the gospel, and how that can impact not only their next four years, but the rest of their life. Counselors seek both to be a blessing to them at the retreat by helping them prepare to start college rooted in Christ, but they also seek to walk alongside their freshmen through their freshman year - it's not just about a few days together, it's about a life lived faithfully for Jesus on campus and everyday thereafter.



Our CREW is a vital part of seeing this retreat run smoothly and provide an enjoyable experience for staff and freshmen! CREW stands for Connect, Rely, Enrich, and Work. Your role on CREW will involve Connecting with freshmen in various ways and helping them connect with others to have a strong Christ-centered community as they start college. Next it will involve Relying on the Lord in big ways as our CREW is the core of our prayer team during the retreat as well. Then we want CREW members to have eyes to see how to serve and work behind the scenes in order to Enrich the lives of freshmen attending. And finally you will Work on crew - setting up, cleaning up, serving, etc - but it will be incredibly fun and rewarding work because you know the impact it's making.

Time Commitment

At The Oaks Collaborative we believe that your local church is your first commitment and we never want to interfere with your commitments there. The Leadership Team will meet throughout the Spring Semester once a month, we will also have an All Staff meeting and a training session in the Spring for all roles. Each leadership role will have specific administrative responsibilities to take care of whenever they can. All roles are expected to make the retreat a primary prayer point as well and ideally commit to praying over the retreat together. During the summer the Leadership Team will communicate via email and calls as needed. Finally, a few days before the retreat, the Leadership Team will come together to prepare and finalize all plans for the retreat, and a couple days before the retreat we will have the final training for all staff, and prepare for the arrival of the Freshmen!

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