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Retreat Specialist
Application Process

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Thank you for your interest in being a Retreat Specialist for one of our incoming freshmen retreats! We have watched the Lord work through these retreats in powerful ways over the years and believe that this role is instrumental in furthering the impact of these retreats  at each campus. This role exists because these retreats are more than just events - they are about cultivating Christ-centered relationships. And to do so effectively we need Retreat Specialists in each town to invest relationally in the students who will be investing in the freshmen, and we need relational investment towards Kingdom expanding collaboration across churches and campus ministries at each campus.


Below you will find the Retreat Specialist Job Description, FAQs regarding the position, and next steps for applying. Please read through the job description fully as we were purposeful in making it an ongoing guide for the role and not just general information. After reviewing the job description and the FAQs, if you are interested in applying please follow the instructions at the bottom, then join us in praying over your campus and the retreat.


Click here to view the Job Description: 


Campuses with Available Positions:

- Troy University

- University of Oklahoma

- Appalachian State

- University of South Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main responsibilities of a retreat specialist? 

This role is about strengthening and growing 3 primary things - the students, the relationships with the local ministers and the retreat. We want to invest in the students so that their time on staff will grow them as a leader in Christ more than they ever have. We also want to strengthen the relationships with the local ministers to serve and support them well. Finally, our desire is for the retreat to improve and serve the needs of the campus. We believe all of these areas will in turn grow and impact more of the campus for the name and glory of God.


What is the time expectation and pay for this role? 

The pay for this role is formatted for a contract laborer position with a set stipend of $3,000 annually paid monthly ($250 per month). This pay comes from the expectation of working 5 hours per week once all hours are averaged out across the 52 weeks of the year (some weeks you will work just one or two hours and some you will work many more depending on the season). The leadership meetings and working with leaders to help them know and own their role is a must with these hours but this role can involve as much personal investment in the students as you feel called to.


What help and resources will this role receive? 

We have two primary resources to guide retreat specialists and student leaders: 1) website that is essentially our textbook that includes to-do lists, templates for docs/form, training videos, etc. 2) The Retreat Master Spreadsheet which is essentially the cheat sheet with lists of everything that needs to be done and how to keep track of everything.


How administrative is the role? 

It’s not heavily administrative, rather it’s more about oversight. We operate with a “Lead Leaders” mentality and we want most of our Retreat Specialist’s time focused on the student Directors so that they can lead the rest of staff well. The same is true for the other leadership positions, just on a less frequent basis. The specialist will be helping them know how to perform their role well. Essentially, we do NOT want a specialist ever feeling the need to do a student’s job for them, but rather to lead them to do it. But at the same time your role will involve various meetings with The Oaks Collaborative staff to help and provide resources. You will also be expected to update the retreat master spreadsheet with your team’s progress as well as send in monthly reports regarding what all your retreat is doing.


What logistics will I be in charge of for the retreat? 

We will take care of all venue contracts, payments etc. but at times we may need specialist help in regards to visiting and selecting new venues. Other than that the specialist will work with the student leadership (namely Directors and Head of Logistics) to finalize specific schedule details unique to your retreat.


Will I be in charge of finances for the retreat? 

We will take care of all financial management, bookkeeping, tax reporting, etc. we just need the retreat specialist to always keep tabs on the retreat spending card and oversee the student Treasurer in charge of the retreat’s budget to make sure everything is being recorded and kept in budget. The Retreat Specialist will also need to oversee the student Head of Fundraising to help ensure all fundraising efforts are being accomplished as well as helping with communication to local business sponsors, churches, and alumni for financial support in order to meet the fundraising goals as accounted for in the budget.


Next Steps:

Please send the following items to

  1. Your resume with all relevant work and ministry experience

  2. Include a cover letter as well that addresses the following questions:

    • In 250 words or less please share your testimony of placing your faith in Christ

    • Next, in 250 words or less, share with us your “why” for wanting to help lead one of these retreats for incoming freshmen

    • Finally, please share what connection/history you have with the university the retreat you’re applying for serves (it’s totally okay if no direct/significant connection to campus).

  3.  Available times to have your first interview with our Executive and Associate Directors.

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